Microsoft will be releasing a video series focused on preparing your organization for Enterprise Content Management with SharePoint. Creating the course material and recording the videos in Redmond was really fun, it was great working with Chris Riley again. The studio was really cool and the equipment was impressive. The course will be posted on edX soon and will be promoted at upcoming conferences.


In the course you will learn about the importance of creating a solid Information Architecture, how to develop a well formed project plan and the importance of the implementation team.

Special thanks to Christina Singletary for coordination and also Tony Frink for helping with editing the slide decks. Also if your into DevOps Make sure to check out Chris’s company 

This past summer Microsoft Press published some sample content from the book. I wanted to post a link here and share the acknowledgements I wrote on page xvi.

The time spent writing this book was substantial and occurred mostly on nights and weekends. It meant sacrificing some pretty sweet powder days at Crystal Mountain with my son Cade or missing out on playing a game of Pokemon cards with my other son Jaxson. Whenever I would retreat to my office, I could hear the family activities occur- ring without me. Then a knock at the door with a hot cup of coffee, snack, or request to come eat a meal with the family would remind me how supportive my wife and boys were during this effort. I was rarely alone in my office, usually accompanied by either our dogs Luci and Lily at my feet or Chris Riley, who was working via Skype right along- side me. Continue

Your email footer is ridiculous and is taking up valuable space on my screen. Your company legal department requires that its appended to every email. The IT department is automating the footer so you can’t do anything about it. I can delete it when I forward it to someone, then when they forward it and no one downstream knows about the disclaimer. How do you track all this, fact is you can’t. The company is trying to limit liability and comply with federal and international laws. Is this ever really enforced? Everyone does the email ‘disclaimer’, there are even websites dedicated to helping you understand why (?) < Email Disclaimer dot com >



Alfresco has been hosting a series of regional events across the country. Today the Content Management Roundtable was held at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle. The topic was focused on positioning Alfresco One.

In attendance were records and content management professionals from the Government, Legal, IT Services, Environmental Science, Engineering and several software companies including Tibco and IBM. Alfresco seems to be raising the bar in terms of visibility and attracting the attention of industry veterans and competitors alike.

“Companies are struggling today with managing the influx of consumer app-ware in the enterprise”


Yeah he is nine and he gets it, he is ready for business at the pace of tomorrow. For him and his buddies the use of technology is about playing games. They will be following in the footsteps of today’s millennial gen, they use modern tech not just as a tool, it’s a lifestyle that mixes work and play. They are used to having the ability to communicate instantaneously, giving and getting answers, having fun and completing tasks in the palm of their hand. For them using apps and cloud software is second nature.

This week is BoxWorks 2012 in San Francisco and we are looking forward to hearing about product updates, customer success stories and attending thought provoking keynote presentations. Box provides a dynamic way of managing content and a new communication model for businesses that want to take advantage of mobility. They have done it by taking a simple approach to a problem that many didn’t know existed.

As an example, every day people waste valuable time sifting through massive email inboxes trying to find business documents. Box turned this around, focused on the document instead of the message and created a collaboration tool that provides quick access for managing and sharing of information from any device. Box isn’t the only company doing this but they are a recognized leader and their foot is squarely on the gas pedal. Continue