Box Partners

Yeah he is nine and he gets it, he is ready for business at the pace of tomorrow. For him and his buddies the use of technology is about playing games. They will be following in the footsteps of today’s millennial gen, they use modern tech not just as a tool, it’s a lifestyle that mixes work and play. They are used to having the ability to communicate instantaneously, giving and getting answers, having fun and completing tasks in the palm of their hand. For them using apps and cloud software is second nature.

This week is BoxWorks 2012 in San Francisco and we are looking forward to hearing about product updates, customer success stories and attending thought provoking keynote presentations. Box provides a dynamic way of managing content and a new communication model for businesses that want to take advantage of mobility. They have done it by taking a simple approach to a problem that many didn’t know existed.

As an example, every day people waste valuable time sifting through massive email inboxes trying to find business documents. Box turned this around, focused on the document instead of the message and created a collaboration tool that provides quick access for managing and sharing of information from any device. Box isn’t the only company doing this but they are a recognized leader and their foot is squarely on the gas pedal.

The challenge that Box has is not everyone is a twenty-something and people can be resistant to change. Having a cool product that requires changing human behavior is no small feat and Box doesn’t do it alone. Our company has been selling Box for over a year now and we have encountered this challenge during every aspect of the sales and user adoption cycle. It takes more than demoing and provisioning user accounts. People love to play with the software but playing is not changing work habits. People are used to emailing files and just because its inefficient doesn’t change the fact that all business users today ‘get email’.

Box has several ways they are managing the challenge. They continue to innovate and add usability features to their products. They have super dedicated engineers that work with enterprise accounts to help rollout use cases and integrate partner solutions like DocuSign for electronic signature and PlanGrid for electronic plan review.

Box is also committed to building a vibrant channel. Independent resellers and integrators focused on delivering real world use cases and business solutions. They provide geographic sales and support, have existing business relationships and can integrate other components to provide a complete business solution. A great example is integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

If you are interested in learning more about Box and LibraryCard for integrating SharePoint 2010 contact us today.