Enterprise Content Management with Microsoft SharePoint

This past summer Microsoft Press published some sample content from the book. I wanted to post a link here and share the acknowledgements I wrote on page xvi.

The time spent writing this book was substantial and occurred mostly on nights and weekends. It meant sacrificing some pretty sweet powder days at Crystal Mountain with my son Cade or missing out on playing a game of Pokemon cards with my other son Jaxson. Whenever I would retreat to my office, I could hear the family activities occur- ring without me. Then a knock at the door with a hot cup of coffee, snack, or request to come eat a meal with the family would remind me how supportive my wife and boys were during this effort. I was rarely alone in my office, usually accompanied by either our dogs Luci and Lily at my feet or Chris Riley, who was working via Skype right along- side me. I would like to thank my family for supporting my decision to co-author this book. I had started a new business just a year before the opportunity to write the book came up, so they had already become used to Dad working seven days a week, including late nights and long weekends. My wife Michele is my best friend, and she keeps me honest about most everything I do. My sons are my heart and soul; I cannot thank them enough for letting Daddy focus and work on this book, mostly without interruption.

Chris Riley is downright brilliant, I hope everyone who reads this book has an opportunity to meet him and spend some time getting to know him. He hasn’t come by any of his knowledge or core values easily; he has worked tirelessly to achieve success and failure. The results are a person who has amassed a great body of technical knowledge and personal character. He asked me to be his co-author for this book, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity.

I would like to thank my parents Margaret and James White for teaching me that honesty and hard work are the core elements to success. My parents worked hard every day to create a stable and loving home for my sister Serena Kraft and me. My sister is a successful entrepreneur in Alaska, and we both acknowledge that it was core values more than anything that helped us achieve success in life.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank the following people who helped me in so many ways both during the process of writing the book and helping to support efforts that allowed me to write it. In addition, I have included individuals who I have worked with during my career that have had a lasting impact and helped shape my opinions about proper design, execution, and teamwork. These people are ECM professionals in their own right, and I am lucky to have worked with them: Kenyon Brown, Christopher Hearse, Jeff Shuey, Cullen Hower, Dennis Brooke, Mathias Eichler, Jeff Doyle, Bob Stellick, Robert Latham, John Dougherty, Al Senzamici, Phong Hoang, Ryan Keller, and Richard Norrell.
– Shadrach White