As consumers, we have totally mastered search. You Google “Where should I eat in Los Altos” and you are directed to a results page that lists the top spots based on community reviews from Yelp and Urban Spoon. Likewise, you can get similar results on Wikipedia, digging into every topic imaginable


Let’s compare that to a legacy ECM system or SharePoint.

Full text search is the key to find ability because it works the way users expect. As consumer I want to type in what I am looking for like “places to eat”, or what we remember “when was Elvis born?” and find the proper results. This process is called semantic search, and works by creating relevance based on ranking queries based on contextual meaning. Continue


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Would you ever put a cart before a horse?  Would the “cloud” market be thriving without the drastic explosion of mobile computing?

My point is does it really matter whether the chicken or the egg came first?  You can’t have chickens without eggs and without chickens you can not produce eggs.  They are a complete synergy.  Naturally you would not put a cart before a horse because the horse is needed to pull the cart.  They also are a complete synergy.  Just like cloud and mobile are a perfect synergy.  My prediction is that interest in “cloud” would not be nearly what it is today without mobile.  After-all, hosted applications have been around a long time.  What’s new is that people can afford mobile devices for personal use, bandwidth is more available and the overall experience is much better than a few short years ago. Continue

ParadoxicalA business is ok storing its banking records and financial transactions in a central core processing system commingled on the same server with other customers but not ok with storing general business files on a cloud content management system.

Last week I submitted a discussion topic to the Cloud Computing group on LinkedIN asking Why?

On the one hand companies have been commingling sensitive financial data on a single server with other customers since the beginning of mainframe computing. Individuals have never had their health records, 401K or stock trades isolated on their own servers. Multi-tenant data storage is the norm not the exception. Yet you have a vestige of legacy IT managers and senior executives concerned that storing a word document in a public cloud based file system is not safe. Nearly all of the arguments are thin, repetitive and fly in the face of practical decision-making and common sense business. Continue

If you are a SharePoint shop (and who isn’t) you should really check out – They recently launched CloudShare Pro as an enhancement to an already great service and they revamped there website for easier navigation and a SharePoint showcase

  • Sync SharePoint with Box
  • SharePoint 2010 Server Farm (3-server config w/RepliWeb Replication)
  • Innovative-e Program Management and Information System (PMIS)
Also cloudPWR has published its TimeLine View on FaceBook and updated several trade show events where you can find us. Click the cloudPWR link below for more details about the following events:
  • ABA Tech Show – Chicago
  • AIIM 2012 – San Francisco
  • CloudFair 2012 – Seattle

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I began researching what we now call Cloud Content Management and Social Business in the fall of 2008. I had spent nearly a decade working with a very dedicated group of professionals to build a nationally recognized systems integration company in the Northwest. Over the years the company worked with many familiar content management products including Optika, Kofax, OTG, Cardiff, Stellent, OnBase, OIT and many others. Like many regional VAR’s and Systems Integrators we worked in familiar verticals like government, transportation, financial services and healthcare to build out accounts payable, claims processing, human resources, electronic health records and many other document centric and workflow oriented business processes. Continue