This past summer Microsoft Press published some sample content from the book. I wanted to post a link here and share the acknowledgements I wrote on page xvi.

The time spent writing this book was substantial and occurred mostly on nights and weekends. It meant sacrificing some pretty sweet powder days at Crystal Mountain with my son Cade or missing out on playing a game of Pokemon cards with my other son Jaxson. Whenever I would retreat to my office, I could hear the family activities occur- ring without me. Then a knock at the door with a hot cup of coffee, snack, or request to come eat a meal with the family would remind me how supportive my wife and boys were during this effort. I was rarely alone in my office, usually accompanied by either our dogs Luci and Lily at my feet or Chris Riley, who was working via Skype right along- side me. Continue

Calling all DocuSign users and potential customers.

Over at cloudPWR there is a group of very talented engineers that can help with your DocuSign use cases and rollout initiatives. They put together a couple of sites to see which one generates the most feedback. Click on the thumbnails below and share the one you like or leave a comment.

DocuSign Solutions

DocuSign Integrator

The black and white (DocuSign Solutions) version will be static but the action photo site (DocuSign Integrator) will change with seasonal activities.

Are you using DocuSign® today? Could you benefit from a simplified interface for sending outbound envelopes? Would you like to save all your completed envelopes in a separate document archive like SharePoint, Oracle or FileNet?

Simplify the envelope sending process by integrating your back office ECM repository.

AIRLIFT for DocuSign  is the simplest way of sending forms directly from an existing line of business or enterprise content management system. Your customers, vendors or constituents can complete complex forms and sign from any browser or mobile device. When complete the forms are automatically attached or archived to your internal system of record.

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I recently finished writing a book with Chris Riley.  It was a long process and one that has definitely improved my writing skills.  If you’re interested in buying the book you can find it online at Amazon and from our publisher’s site

Tackle the challenges, issues, and risks of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), using the rich ECM features in Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This practical book provides real-world examples and case studies for managing documents, knowledge, web content, digital assets, records, and user-generated content. It’s ideal for non-technical users such as CIOs, Marketing Executives, Project Managers, and Enterprise Architects.

  • Understand how Information Architecture can change how your organization consumes content
  • Learn how other organizations handle ECM issues
  • Mold SharePoint 2013 into an ideal ECM platform
  • Assess what ECM approaches work for your organization
  • Analyze your ECM risks—and learn how to mitigate them

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Forms Processing is a proven technology that allows organizations of all sizes to benefit by improving efficiency and decreasing operational costs.  There are many case studies available online to support these facts.  When implemented properly the cost of a Forms Processing solution can easily be justified with a tangible 12-18 month return on investment.  With such overwhelming evidence of decreased operational costs and drastically improved efficiency then a logical question would be why wouldn’t every business in the world be using this wonderful technology?  Traditionally only large organizations with dedicated technical staff and humungous IT budgets could consider implementing a sophisticated Data Capture solution but times are changing.  No longer does it have to take years to realize the benefits of Forms Processing once only available to Fortune 1000 type companies.  In this blog post I hope to dispel the myth that this useful technology is only available to Enterprise organizations. Continue