I recently finished writing a book with Chris Riley.  It was a long process and one that has definitely improved my writing skills.  If you’re interested in buying the book you can find it online at Amazon and from our publisher’s site

Tackle the challenges, issues, and risks of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), using the rich ECM features in Microsoft SharePoint 2013. This practical book provides real-world examples and case studies for managing documents, knowledge, web content, digital assets, records, and user-generated content. It’s ideal for non-technical users such as CIOs, Marketing Executives, Project Managers, and Enterprise Architects.

  • Understand how Information Architecture can change how your organization consumes content
  • Learn how other organizations handle ECM issues
  • Mold SharePoint 2013 into an ideal ECM platform
  • Assess what ECM approaches work for your organization
  • Analyze your ECM risks—and learn how to mitigate them

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