In January of 2016 cloudPWR began working with the State of Washington Department of Health. We were given a very short timeframe to deliver one of the States highest priority technology projects. Because the project had a major public impact and a deadline written in law there was oversight from the Governor and the State CIO’s offices.

With a project this big, a short six months to deliver and a modest budget there was a high risk it wouldn’t get done. We did the improbable and always believed we would. We have a wicked smart team that remained dedicated to the many technical details, maintained constant client communication and shouldered a determination to complete the project no matter what. I would like to thank the entire cloudPWR team that worked tirelessly to meet the deadline, exceed expectations and push AIRLIFT to new heights.

The application is often referred to in the press as a Database, and while it is true that our platform has a database the product is far more. The application is fully integrated with the State of Washington’s single sign-on authentication service, Secure Access Washington (SAW). We also utilized our proprietary workflow, forms, custom pages and service bus architecture to provide a seamless and customized experience for each distinct user community.

As part of the process of delivering this project we also complete a formal SOC 2 Type 2 Audit and had an independent company complete a full cyber-security vulnerability and penetration testing audit of our entire platform. These are exciting times for the company and we are looking forward to working with more agencies throughout the United States to modernize, integrate and replace legacy software applications.

I will be hosting a discussion in New Orleans on Thursday, March 21 – 10:30

ECM Migration Roadmap

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School Employees Credit Union of Washington (SECUWA) has been using FileNet for over a decade, they were one of the first Credit Unions in the country to implement document imaging in the ‘90s. The system became the second most critical business information system and is accessed by nearly every employee. When SECUWA decided it was time to find a new solution they knew it wouldn’t be an easy task. In order to accomplish the first phase of the project they hired cloudPWR to provide professional consultation and analysis. After six months of discovery and due diligence they discovered that it’s more than just selecting a new software package, more than buying new hardware and upgrading to the latest operating systems and browsers. It required a new look at the industry, an evaluation of the current business operations, and engaging in processes to incorporating key fundamentals, like records management and collaboration. Continue