Short read, interesting. Who owns your stuff in the cloud? – Bottom line is cloud isn’t going away, its just another example of the technology being ahead of law on the books. A couple of other things to consider are:

  • Do the benefits outweigh the risks, universal access, easy sharing and auditing all at a price point most business and individuals can afford.
  • Do cloud providers really have time or elicit any business benefit from snooping or scouring the billions of bytes looking for something valuable?
  • Transparency, If your not doing anything wrong do you really have to worry about police or government authorities?
The real risk I see is bad apples at these companies or government agencies. If Google or Box do have staff that really don’t have anything better to do but snoop. Taking the conspiracy theory one step further they might accept money from your competitor or private investigator to give them access to your content in kind of a content black market. Also the possibility of a public servant who decides to send a bunch of content to an organization like wikileaks.