Microsoft will be releasing a video series focused on preparing your organization for Enterprise Content Management with SharePoint. Creating the course material and recording the videos in Redmond was really fun, it was great working with Chris Riley again. The studio was really cool and the equipment was impressive. The course will be posted on edX soon and will be promoted at upcoming conferences.


In the course you will learn about the importance of creating a solid Information Architecture, how to develop a well formed project plan and the importance of the implementation team.

Special thanks to Christina Singletary for coordination and also Tony Frink for helping with editing the slide decks. Also if your into DevOps Make sure to check out Chris’s company 

We are working on a new cloudPWR website for 2016. The new site will bring AIRLIFT front and center. Since it was founded in 2011 the company has achieved the goal of providing cloud solutions and web apps that users love. These products are being used by thousands of Public Sector employees throughout Washington State.


This site as been updated to show the basic look and feel. What do you think? Just hashtag #OldLook or #NewLook with a comment on Twitter or Facebook.

This past summer Microsoft Press published some sample content from the book. I wanted to post a link here and share the acknowledgements I wrote on page xvi.

The time spent writing this book was substantial and occurred mostly on nights and weekends. It meant sacrificing some pretty sweet powder days at Crystal Mountain with my son Cade or missing out on playing a game of Pokemon cards with my other son Jaxson. Whenever I would retreat to my office, I could hear the family activities occur- ring without me. Then a knock at the door with a hot cup of coffee, snack, or request to come eat a meal with the family would remind me how supportive my wife and boys were during this effort. I was rarely alone in my office, usually accompanied by either our dogs Luci and Lily at my feet or Chris Riley, who was working via Skype right along- side me. Continue

Calling all DocuSign users and potential customers.

Over at cloudPWR there is a group of very talented engineers that can help with your DocuSign use cases and rollout initiatives. They put together a couple of sites to see which one generates the most feedback. Click on the thumbnails below and share the one you like or leave a comment.

DocuSign Solutions

DocuSign Integrator

The black and white (DocuSign Solutions) version will be static but the action photo site (DocuSign Integrator) will change with seasonal activities.

Are you using DocuSign® today? Could you benefit from a simplified interface for sending outbound envelopes? Would you like to save all your completed envelopes in a separate document archive like SharePoint, Oracle or FileNet?

Simplify the envelope sending process by integrating your back office ECM repository.

AIRLIFT for DocuSign  is the simplest way of sending forms directly from an existing line of business or enterprise content management system. Your customers, vendors or constituents can complete complex forms and sign from any browser or mobile device. When complete the forms are automatically attached or archived to your internal system of record.

For more information visit:

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